Currently our portfolio consists of some of the most captivating and innovative products in the areas of leisure, construction and management of sports facilities and modular housing concept.

Wavegarden® project was the winner of



Man-made wave simulates an ocean break

Our vision gives people of all ages and surfing levels the ability to enjoy a beach environment and a real surfing experience... beyond the oceans of the world. Wavegarden®’s cutting edge technology allows the creation of a broad and customisable range of authentic surfing waves in a safe and natural environment. Wavegarden® research and development was started in 2005 by Instant Sport, a cutting edge engineering company located in San Sebastian, Spain. and exclusively represented by SVQinvest in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique..

Overall Winner BRANDNEW Award 2012

Wavegarden® project was the winner of ISPO MUNICH 2012, awarded
as the most innovative and with great interest product of the year..


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A casa MIMA foi vencedora do prémio
Building of the Year Archdaily 2011.


Mima housing®

MIMA House is an exquisite dwelling manufactured in northern Portugal. It is unique for its ability to be reconfigured by the owners in project and also post-delivery. The interior walls consist of lightweight panels that can be easily relocated or removed by two people. Several years have been spent refining the concept in order to arrive at a finished product that would be quick to manufacture, easy to assemble, of good quality and affordable. The house has a square plan with the four facades being nearly identical. Corner posts support the roof so that the intervening walls can be entirely glass.  MIMA House is exclusevely represented by SVQinvest in Brasil, Angola e Mozambique.

MIMA House Has been awarded Building of The Year 2011 by the world's most renowned architecture platform Archdaily.



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